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They come, they go.
You usually hear the best ones late at night.
But without activation, what are they?
A whistle.
A branch without a bird.
Bring your colouring book.
Let’s share crayons.

Direction without focus
is a scenic drive off a cliff.
Here at Petryna, our partners
come to us with problems.
We solve them, happily.
Our focus is to take the unknown
and know it.
Let us take apart your car
and build you a plane.




We live in an age of noise.
Noise noise noise noise honk.
What differentiates you?
What differentiates us?
Why are you doing this?
To grow. To be better and bigger.
Great creative has impact.
Let’s leave an impression.

Call us. Email us. Yell out your window.
Stop suffering through stagnancy.
Don’t believe you can’t get there.
You haven’t talked to the right
creative team yet.
Yell out your window.



Social, SEO, Websites, Digital Ads, — whatever
in this digital world that makes sense
for your brand, we can do.
But it has to make sense.
Why do it if we can’t grow your business?


Identities, Marketing strategies — all the good stuff.
Let us get to know you
so we can take what you know
and let the world truly see what you do.
You have half a second to make an impact
in this crazy world.
Let’s make sure your investment in yourself
makes people take notice.


One-offs rarely work.
If you’re thinking you’re going to go viral,
we have some land in Florida we’d like to talk
to you about.
You are a story, untapped.
We are storytellers.
Let’s break bread and write that novel
we’ve always dreamed of.


Do you have a tendency
to put your foot in your mouth?
We can help you.
Would you just like to avoid the whole foot/mouth thing?
We can do that too.

What about…?
If you haven’t found what
you’re looking for… ask us.
Words are limiting. Actions aren’t.
Let’s chat.